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Mosques Around the World (Painting Collection)

Description: This screensaver features paintings of the world's most famous mosques painted by the Chinese artist Sean Wang. Among the mosques featured in this collection are the three holy mosques.

System Requirements: Windows 3.x, Windows 9x or Windows NT.

Display settings: 640x480    File size: 1.34 MB    DOWNLOAD NOW

Display settings: 800x600 or greater   File size: 1.93 MB   DOWNLOAD NOW


Downloading Instructions:

This screen savers is in ZIP format. When you unzip the file, it will create an INSTALL.EXE file. Select "Download Now" and then save the file in the directory of your choice. It is recommended that you create a new directory to download these screensavers in so that you don't overwrite any pre-existing INSTALL.EXE files.

Installation Instructions:

After your zipped file is downloaded, you must unzip the file. If you do not have WinZip, click here to download it now. After you unzip the file, select INSTALL.EXE. This will begin the installation process. The installation wizard will walk you through the installation process. The screensaver will automatically be written to your windows directory in .scr format (e.g., MOSQUES.SCR).

To run the screensaver, follow these directions:

Win 3.x : Run "Control Panel", double click on "Desktop", then select the name of the screen saver from the screensaver list.

Win95 : Right-click on the desktop, choose "Properties" from the menu, click the "screensaver" tab, then choose the name of the screen saver from the screensaver list.

Select the Settings button if you wish to change the delay time between slides or if you wish to turn off the transition effects feature.


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