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Ayat Screensaver

Description: The Ayaat Screen Saver is an excellent form of Dawaah. It depicts beautiful images of Allah's creation along with verses from the Holy Quran. You can use it to deliver the message of Islam silently and consistently to your office-mates. Instead of running an ordinary screen saver, you can run one that can be an effective Dawah method and at the same time get the reward from Allah.

System Requirements: Windows 3.x, Windows 9x or Windows NT.

File size: 4.6 MB 


Downloading Instructions:

1. Unzip the file "ayaat.zip" to a new folder (e.g. c:\ayaat)

2. Copy the following files


to your windows directory (c:\windows or c:\winnt)

3. Follow these steps to configure and load Ayaat Screen Saver:

-click the "Start" button
-select "Settings"
-select "Control Panel"
-double click the "Display" icon
-click "Screen Saver" tab
-select "Slideshow"
-click "Settings"

4. In the "Path to image files", enter the path (e.g. c:\ayaat)

5. Change settings as desired.

This is a freeware. You are free to make copies and distribute. You can also use the images in any non-commercial purposes.

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